GearCutting Company Ltd - our history


Gear Cutting Company has been established since 1962 and is a highly specialised manufacturer of gears. With our varied types of machines, we can offer the customer a large range of gears to suit most requirements. We can manufacture; racks, spur gears, splines, bevel gears, sprockets, helical gears, worm & wormwheels, thread milling worms and leadscrews, keywaying, power grip positive drive pulleys and internal gears and splines.

Since 1962 we have invested in machines to suit many applications. In 1971 we saw the company buy its first NC machine. Then in 1977 it purchased its first CNC machine, an Okuma LSN10. Such was the advantage of these machines that another Okuma - an LC10 - followed 2 years later. In 1981 a Makino 102 CNC machining centre was also purchased to enable us to do more complex milling. In more recent times we have included gear cutting machines such as Maxicuts, Sykes, Barber-Colmans and Mikrons. Our most recent acquisitions are three Kia CNC lathes, two of which have a barfeed for longer production work whilst the other, a smaller machine, is used for more intricate work. We have also recently purchased a new XYZ mill for prototype and small batch work.

Our customers range from many fields, including camera manufacturers, medical equipment, the music industry and World Championship Formula 1 racing. In order for us to supply our customers with the standards they require, it will always be our policy to upgrade and improve our quality where necessary.