GearCutting Company Ltd - Plant & Machinery

Plant & Machinery

KIA SKT250Y CNC Lathe with C and Y Axis and Hydrafeed Bar Feed

KIA SKT21LM CNC Lathe with C Axis and Hydrafeed Bar Feed

KIA Turn 21 CNC Lathe

XYZ Proturn VL 425 Lathe


TOS SN50C Centre Lathe

Myford Cylindrical Grinder

Maxicut 2A and Maxicut 3A Gear Shapers

Sykes V4 and Sykes V10 Gear Shapers

Sykes Genetron CNC Gear Shaper
Sykes V10B PLC Gear Shapers

Fellows 36" Gear Shaper

Barber Colmans and Mikrons

Dowding and Doll Hobbing and Splining Machines

Lees Bradner Thread Mill

Gays Racking Machines

Gleason 3" and Gleason 12" Bevel machines

Broaching, Slotting and Grinding

FARO Gage Inspection Equipment