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Spur Gears
Up to 900mm dia x 125mm face. 60 DP to 2 DP Externals.

Up to 660mm dia x 76mm face. 60 DP to 5 DP Internals.

Standard cutter range in diametrical pitches for internal and external gears and the equivalent in circular pitches and metric module cutters together with stub tooth and serration cutters in stock.

Chain Sprockets
Up to 900mm dia. with British Standard and Metric range of cutters and extended pitch cutters in stock, i.e. 6.35mm pitch to 38.1mm pitch.

Helical Gears And Worm Wheels
Up to 300mm dia. and stocking a full standard hob range.

Internal Gears And Splines
Metric and Imperial ranges.

Flat, square and round. 60 DP to 8 DP.

Bevel Gears
Up to 305mm dia x 90mm face. 70 DP to 3 DP.
Thread Milling Worms And Lead Screws
Up to 200mm dia x 400mm long.

Spline Shafts
Up to 300mm long, including a large range of spline hobs in stock.

Broaching and Slotting.

Power Grip Positive Drive Pulleys
A full range of pulleys cutters for manufacturing to your requirements.

Full range of CNC Turning which includes C and Y axis.

Sizes ranging from 3mm to 60mm and 10mm to 250mm long.